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Welcome to Runte.Weil & Alt GmbH

We are an independent and owner-controlled asset managing and investment advising company, using our long-term experience to provide wealthy individuals, foundations and institutions with customized support.

"The investment of your assets is a task that requires not only sense of responsibility and experience, but also vision and foresight. The managing partners and employees of Runte.Weil & Alt GmbH have dedicated themselves to this task." 


Market Reports:   04/2024 Market Report and Outlook (in German)  Q1 2024


Information:       02/2021  ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) Criteria  Disclosure


Trust is the Foundation


"We feel committed to find individual solutions and thereby generate added value for our clients on the basis of trust, independence and consistency, at the same time ensuring economic efficiency."


Trust: Trust results only from mutual openness and honesty among all parties involved. It is essential to us as it is the basis for a long-term and trustful relationship.

Independence: Any firm that wants to make the best decisions for its clients has to make independent decisions. Therefore all decisions are made by the three managing partners of Runte.Weil & Alt GmbH. There exists no sales interest.
Stability, Consistency and Reliability:

The world and the economy are subject to ... Read more 



Our Approach


"Customized solutions and long-standing capital market insight are needed to align your personal target, your risk propensity and your liquidity needs."



Asset Management: You set your long-term investment goals with us. From this we develop tailor-made guidelines for your personal portfolio strategy.

You delegate your individual decisions and daily risk monitoring to us. We regularly provide you with performance data. Your goals can be adjusted any time ... Read more 



Contact Us


"Clients often want to ascertain the reasons for the numerous decisions made with regard to their portfolios. This is why they like to be in direct contact with the decision-makers."


Contact Us: You have questions, comments or suggestions?


Please contact us. We are glad to assist you with all your questions concerning your assets.


A competent decision maker from our portfolio management practice will contact you ...  Read more


Our Client Information

Our portfolio managers regularly publish their current assessments of the market and provide you with interesting capital market analyses. In addition to current forecasts on stock and bond market trends, you will find assessments on selected topics which may have a major impact on the economic development ... Read more


From time to time, we organize cultural events or get-togethers providing the opportunity to share experiences and ideas ... Read more


Here, you find not only interesting press articles but also news from our company and further articles about the financial industry ... Read more 

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