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Our Philosophy

"We feel committed to find individual solutions and thereby generate added value for our clients on the basis of trust, independence and consistency, at the same time ensuring economic efficiency."


Trust: Trust results only from mutual openness and honesty (of all parties involved). Forming the basis for a long-term and trustful relationship, trust is essential to us.


Independence: Any firm that wants to make the best decisions for its clients has to be independent in its decision making. This is why Runte.Weil & Alt GmbH is wholly owned by its three managing partners. There exits no sales interests.


Stability, Consistency and Reliability: The world and its economy are subject to permanent change. Therefore, our continuous support for you is of great importance to us. Moreover, we firmly adhere to our principles, rejecting ethically questionable investments, thinking and acting with foresight and sustainability.


Economic Efficiency: The success of an investment strategy is measured not so much by its relative performance but rather by its absolute return. An adequate risk/return ratio and cost-efficiency are our primary goals for which we strive on your behalf. We act as your personal risk manager.


Individual Solutions: We develop tailored solutions for you. Our investment strategy is centered on direct investments in equity and bonds. Alternative solutions come into consideration in exceptional cases only if they fit you.



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