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Special solutions and a profound knowledge of the markets are required to align your personal target return, your personal risk propensity and your liquidity needs.

Asset Management

You set your long-term investment goals with us. From this we develop tailor-made guidelines for your personal portfolio strategy. You delegate your individual decisions and daily risk monitoring to us. We regularly provide you with performance data. Your goals can be adjusted any time.

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Optimized Investment Process

Our aim is to design for you a portfolio that can withstand any market situation, no matter how demanding it is, and that fits your individual preferences. For us, long-term capital conservation is more important than short-term profit maximization. We focus on risk-optimized performance.

Your individual investment strategy is based on a clearly defined, consistent investment process that combines a top-down approach with a bottom-up approach. This investment process is based on an active global industry approach. The investment strategy focuses on the four industries of the future: nutrition & agriculture, water & environment, health & information technology.


Professional Risk Management

Risk control in your portfolio not only requires regular monitoring but also considerable experience and foresight. Therefore, our risk managers implement modern tools: risk budget, stress-test analysis, stop loss analysis and VaR analyses.


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